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About Us

  • At Ashri Associates, we combine passion and professionalism. Based out of Gurgaon, we provide services at Delhi, NCR and Chandigarh.
  • No more Tarikh pe Tarikh. My team and I, help our clients get judgment after judgment and reduce litigation time.
  • Yes divorce is like painful amputation of a body part. We minimise amputation time.
  • We can’t help you heal. Yet we can free you from the daily trauma.
  • We counsel couples where we see hope- a good marriage going through a bad phase
  • We do not add to their trauma, by trying to make more and more money, by letting the case stretch. We minimise litigation time.


Scope Of Work

"I am khan but I’m not a terrorist" is the best line that describes Kiran’s work. Being a matrimonial lawyer, it is a challenge to break people’s perception that I do not promote Divorce until it is a MUST and there is not much option left under the circumstances.

We have successfully reunited several spouses in estranged relationships ensuring the children love, care and affection of both parents. We work with our clients and not for our clients. 

We guide and hand hold them throughout the proceedings and our clients vouch for that.

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