How to choose your Lawyer

How to choose a lawyer

“Changing your lawyer during the pendency of a case is like changing the decks on the Titanic”. Do it at your own risk. But sometimes, it is the only life saving option. But the best option is to exercise due caution and diligence before choosing your lawyer. The more popular names may not be the best option always because they may not visit your case dates personally, usually they work through a team of juniors who are themselves learning the ropes of the profession. To handle your case, you need to seek an intelligent and experienced hand while a comfort level of communication with your lawyer is the key. Seeking a meeting/ audience with your lawyer should not be struggle caused through a hierarchy of juniors/clerks. My suggestion would be to incur consultation charges and seek one to one meeting with your intended lawyer rather than repenting at leisure.
You are the best judge of your circumstances and situations. Do not shy away from listening to your intuition / 6th sense call about the commander who should lead your case. You and your lawyer are a team and choose the best suited to your situation, need and comfort. Fees should never be the criterion, penny wise and pound foolish is a story repeated over several times. After all , You get gold at the price of gold !
Here is a checklist:

  • Someone you feel confident about after the meeting.
  • Someone about whom you have a positive feedback.
  • Someone has a practical approach.
  • Someone who is keen to expedite the matter without compromising on the quality.
  • Someone who is approachable.

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