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Counselling :

  • Marriage or any relationship requires adjustments and compromises, but
  • What if it has become a surrender for one party
  • One feels suffocated and avoids coming home
  • One gets so irritated that he/she feels like getting violent at times
  • One brings out the worst in other and makes each other’s life hell

It is Time for an introspection. We counsel couples where we see hope, a good marriage going through a bad phase or is the wear and tear of a boring marriage. The Courts have a mandatory duty to make an endeavor for bringing about a reconciliation between the parties. When one party wants a divorce and the other party does not, it sounds reasonable to persuade the party desiring divorce to desist from it since the parties may be a victim of misunderstandings. It would be only proper to counsel them and save them from misunderstandings.

Consultations :

  • What does a doctor do, when a body part becomes infected and there is no option except amputation to save rest of the body?
  • We help people take the tough decision. Yes, divorce is like painful amputation of a body part.
  • And provide them the courage and advice to go through the painful yet unavoidable experience.
  • Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as being stuck in a place where you don’t belong

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