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Kiran Ashri, herself is a postgraduate in English & Education along with her professional law degree LLB from MDU, Rohtak. Ashri Associates is a tribute of a daughter to her father who is her inspiration in studying and practicing law. Kiran’s father late Sh. S. M. Ashri was a prominent Senior lawyer at Supreme Court of India and practiced law for almost 35 years representing who’s who of society. Her grandfather was also in the courts at kurukshetra, Haryana. Her brother, Advocate C.S. Ashri is also an ( Advocate on Record ) practicing lawyer at Supreme Court of India, New Delhi for last 25 years. Her other relations are also practicing lawyers in Delhi and Haryana. She combines passion with professionalism and comes across as a humble and affable individual with a promise to reduce litigation time taken in courts thereby reducing harassment of the clients.

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