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Experience with my Mentor Divorce lawyer Kiran Ashri

As perfectly said by Oprah Winfrey, “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself”, Ms Kiran Ashri is that mentor to me. It is only because of her mentoring that I am contented in my work. The very first day when we met, she tried to closely understand my interest. Since then, she has truly taken care of and helped me sharpen my abilities in all ways. Every day working with her gives me immense satisfaction and of course great knowledge. My time spent with her learning skills of counselling, litigation, research, strategy building, are all worthwhile. She guides her juniors in ways no one can ever guide. Apart from professional skills, I get to learn life lessons from her. How to be bold and courageous while being humble at the same time is my one of the favourite lessons learnt from her.

To mention about the work handling part, whenever any client comes up, we try to understand the grievance and try to get to know past litigation related to it, if any. There is a very good culture of treating our clients well and giving them priority, hence, client is called for the final revision of the draft before it is filed. Research on the law points is extremely necessary, the office has a plethora of notes of research on various points. Ms Ashri encourages on researching the latest judgments. In that way, the database remains updated with the latest amendments as well as rulings.

Working with Ms Ashri has also taught a major thing which is to wrap up the case as soon as we can. There is never any delay from her side, always trying to reduce the litigation time for the client. She does not believe in taking dates and dates while keeping the clients hanging for no reason. There are seldom such lawyers who keep less litigation time for clients, Ms Ashri is one of them. High disposal rate of cases is one of her USPs.

I have rediscovered myself while working with Ms Ashri since past few months. I am thankful to her for believing in me and my capabilities. She is not only a successful lawyer but also a great mentor.   

- Shalini Goyal

I am an NRI staying in Singapore. I met Kiran, when I was going through a very complex stage of my life. Oh what a revelation she has been. I visited her from Singapore to Gurgaon to brief her on my case and she ensured that my meeting with her was at its very best.

She is sharp, focussed and the right mix of aggression and empathy. I had met other lawyers in the region earlier, and I realised that she is the only one who held the meetings with sensitivity and practicality in mind (do note that she is not business minded, unlike others).

I had an observation - throughout the meeting, she did not take any phone call nor got distracted even for a moment, This may not sound very important - but it shows your lawyer's attention on your matter.

I highly recommend Kiran to anyone that is seeking legal advice - just make sure you tell her your true and entire story and treat her as your confidante. Leave the rest with her.

Good luck guys, and thank you Kiran

- Mudassar Dalvi



I reside in the US and was recently faced with helping my aging parents in Gurgaon navigate through some complex legal issues. We reached out to Kiran Ashri to help out, and I was absolutely amazed by her efficiency and professionalism. Kiran went beyond the call of duty to take care of matters in record time . I have lived in different parts of the world and have had to consult lawyers on occasion, but I have never experienced the quality and care that we received from Kiran -- absolutely the best.

- Preminda Sachdev
Naples, Florida


To introduce Kiran for me is actually simple she reflects her name Kiran.She came in my life as Ray of Sun. She is a kind of professional who defines of not receiving wrong deeds yet find a way where family can be settled. Being woman she understands the hurdles a woman faces in society to settle that to be with kids.She would make an extra effort to reach you.

I would strongly recommend her as a family lawyer who believes in finding an amicable way to settle families for the better growth of each and every individual member of family.

- Amrit Joel

I have consulted Kiran a number of times on legal matters of private and official nature and found her a counsel of exceptional caliber. She not only has a critical insight in legal issues but she also comes out with insights and solutions of astute nature......View Orignal

Kiran is a highly vintaged lawyer with strong knowedge and high professional ethics. She devotes her time in throughly understanding the case of her clients and suggests non complicated solutions. Her honest and professional behaviour is commendable.
She has high standards of service and commitment for clients privacy and safeguard her clients interest, she advised our family property division in a very ambicable manner.

- Neelam Kapoor

I was very lucky to have found Ms. Kiran Ashri. I want to acknowledge her for her personal and professional support while handling my litigation. Lawsuits can be very uncomfortable and stressful while you are going through the process. She made me very comfortable throughout the process. She is truly a superb lawyer.

She has tremendous litigation skills. I've never known another lawyer more prepared or focused. She has the ability to dissect a case much like a skilled surgeon, with absolute calm. Nothing seems to distract her from her goal on a case.

I would be proud to refer my family, friends and even strangers going through their tough times to her and I am sure they will be happy with her legal expertise.

Honestly, Mam, you are an inspiration for me and many others.

- Priyanka

I have recently engaged Ms Ashri after a poor experience with another lawyer- and what a difference it has been! She is frank, thoughtful, driven and focused professional.

She provides the right time, builds clients confidence and professes basic ethical standards unlike many other professionals in this field. Her legal knowledge seems good and approaches to drafting is very methodical.

One of the best things she tries to drive is as fast an outcome as possible within the constraints of the godforsaken Indian legal system. Hoping and looking forward to reaching a successful conclusion to my legal wrangles with her help soon.

- Senior corporate professional, Gurgaon

Ms Ashri is humane, finishes her cases on time- anachronism isn't it for a lawyer. She is empathetic, razor sharp, don't let her soft look fool you, in court, she is a pouncing tigress.

Ahh but like the Indian legal system, but even with her, you have to be on top of what documents you have to carry to court! I was extremely sceptical of her initially because lawyers and I have met a hell of a lot of them, are nice in the beginning, then it's downhill all the way, but what I write above is my personal experience during a horrible chapter in my life!

I have referred loads of folks to her, most have engaged her and no one has complained to date. She needs to scale up her team size as she is on her way to be very successful. She provides Happy endings to terrible marriages gone sour so that you can fall in love again and hopefully stay there happily ever after!

- Ashish

Ms Kiran Ashri is truly the litigant's Advocate, a quality which is gradually diminishing from the profession. Her commitment and sincerity have already taken her a long way on the path of success. My best wishes to her for a brilliant future; and a life full of joy and glory.

- A.P.Nagrath
Member/ Central Administrative Tribunal (Retd)
5/1-A,Rail Vihar

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